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1. Assume the specific heat of water is known, cw = 1.00calorie/g C, and cal-culate the amount of heat gained by the cold water. Show your calculation below and enter your result in the data table. Heat gained by the cold water = Cwmw(T f Ti,w) (3) 2. From equation (2), the amount of heat lost by the metal (hot substance) is the CONCLUSION After the experiment, I can conclude that a metal has a property that can absorb and dissipate heat. This property, which is the specific heat, depends on most of the metals like the Aluminum and Copper. Also, the specific heat of each metal can only be measured in such temperature-sensitive materials because of its very small actual ...national lab partners. Among the key accomplishments in materials-based hydrogen storage are the identification and characterization of new materials with more than 50% improvement in capacity since 2004 and the improvement of kinetics for specific metal hydride materials by a factor of more than 60.13 The properties of the hydrogen